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Expedition Survey ends on a bottlenose dolphin high!

A variety weather conditions kept us on our toes for the latest research expedition. Six species of marine mammal were encountered: common dolphin, minke whale, harbour porpoise, grey and common seal and on our last morning a pod of 15 bottlenose dolphin!

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Survey Summary: HWDT 4

During the survey we recorded seven different species of marine mammals, including ten different pods of white-beaked dolphins! Amazing weather conditions meant that we were able to travel to the Outer Hebrides, visiting white sandy beaches and the Callanish stones.

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Survey Summary: HWDT 3

During the survey we covered 205 nautical miles, spending over 27 hours looking for marine megafauna. We recorded four different species including an incredible encounter with the Inner Hebridean population of bottlenose dolphins, who are resident to our survey area.

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