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Amazing marine life. Stunning locations. Unique Heritage. Vibrant communities.

Here at the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust we think the Hebrides are a pretty special place. From dramatic headlands and sea lochs, to white, sandy beaches and bustling harbours, the Hebrides are brimming with special places where land meets sea; where natural and cultural heritage are interwoven.

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Sustainable tourism

We are currently developing a network of fantastic whale-watching and whale heritage sites across the west coast of Scotland. The Hebridean Whale Trail will interpret and connect these important sites and work with the community organisations who manage them, to showcase the amazing marine wildlife experiences that can be had across the Scottish west coast. This Hebridean Whale Trail will showcase some of the best of the west and tell the stories that make this area so special, and further promote Scotland as one of Europe’s premier whale-watch destinations.



The Hebridean Whale Trail will launch in Spring/Summer 2019.

The Hebridean Whale Trail website will have all the information you need to help plan your adventure, explore the incredible sites and, hopefully, spot some incredible wildlife.


Hebridean Whale Trail Suggestions Box

Have your say. To ensure the Hebridean Whale Trail embodies the spirit of the Hebrides we are keen to hear from local people, communities and businesses for their ideas and suggestions.

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Tick here if you consent to be contacted about your suggestion by a member of the Hebridean Whale Trail team
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The Hebridean Whale Trail project has been possible by a grant  from the Coastal Communities Fund. The Costal Community Fund is funded by the Government with income from the Crown Estate’s marine assets. It is delivered by the Big Lottery Fund on behalf of UK Government and the Devolved Administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.