HWDT joins call for a Scottish Environment Act


Today one of our Trustee’s, Denis Mollison, attended the campaign launch for the #FightforScotlandsNature campaign, spearheaded by Scottish Environment LINK. HWDT are one of 35 charities backing the campaign. Read Denis’ take on this important campaign below:

One of the best features of membership of the EU has been the improvement of environmental standards: countries coming together have signed up to ensure joint responsibility and protections to our environment.

The uncertainty of what Brexit will mean for our environement today brought representatives of a wide variety of Scottish environmental organisations to our parliament in Edinburgh to demand a Scottish Environment Act that will ensure that these protections continue when we leave the EU.

The umbrella body for the #FightforScotlandsNature campaign, Scottish Environment Link, had the meeting well organised. Our letter to the minister set out the key aims:

1.            embedding much needed EU environmental law principles in Scots law;

2.            creating an independent, well–resourced watchdog to enforce environmental protections; and

3.            setting clear targets for environmental protection that are matched with adequate financial resources.

The event brought together a very interesting mix of staff, trustees and volunteers from the spectrum of Link members, always a good opportunity to exchange news and views and thus help us all do a little more for the environment.
— Denis Mollison, Trustee

Follow the latest news through the #FightforScotlandsNature campaign on Twitter, or visit the campaign website for more information.