Whale Track Update

HWDT First Mate_Lewis Drysdale_25.05.09.JPG

A year after its launch, Whale Track is receiving a new update! Changes will reflect new GDPR policy which came into effect in May this year.

The main change will be that Whale Track users will be logged out and asked to accept the new privacy policy. Please do make sure you read these fully before you consent to the way we use your personal data. After you’ve been logged out of Whale Track, any pending sightings or excursions will be added to your profile when you log back in.

If you can’t remember your password, no fear! There is a "Forgotten password?" button built into the app and the website where you can reset your password. If you receive an error message, it will most likely be because your account was registered using Facebook or Google, rather than with an email address.

Other updates will include users now being able to view a total number of sightings and excursions on the profile tab. You will also have the ability to edit your profile to update your username and display name within the app. Please note, your display name will be publicly visible. We have also updated the location button on the map which now returns to your current location, and our social media links.

If you have any queries or questions, please get in touch with us directly at info@hwdt.org.

Happy spotting!