HWDT on Blue Planet UK


Feeling inspired to get involved following Blue Planet UK? Join us on board our research vessel, Silurian, to participate in an Expedition Survey and contribute directly to our conservation efforts.

Since 2002, Silurian has been collecting information of international importance on the marine life in the Hebrides. This pioneering research programme holds citizen science at it’s core. Every single data point has been collected by volunteers on board, and together it forms one of the largest coherent databases of its kind for UK waters.

HWDT’s work monitoring the waters of western Scotland plays an invaluable role in the protection of marine life here. By engaging with the public, and harnessing the power of citizen science, the Trust has used the data collected on whales, dolphins and porpoises to inform policy makers and has been instrumental in the development of protected areas.
— Liz Bonnin, HWDT Patron

Whales, dolphins and porpoises (collectively known as cetaceans) are key indicators of healthy seas – in protecting them, we safeguard our marine environment.  Robust data is vital for conservation, and our long-term research programme on board is crucial because it provides a powerful and comparable data set which can be used to detect trends and changes in the marine environment. Our seas are increasingly busy, noisy and polluted, and long-term monitoring of this nature is also essential to better understand the scale and impact of these threats.  

Before coming to HWDT, Silurian was used in the filming of the original Blue Planet series in 2000. Now, Silurian is in her 17th year as HWDT’s flagship, providing the evidence needed to help conserve the Hebride’s remarkable marine megafauna.

Every year Expedition Surveys run from April until October, we even run dedicated Teen Team surveys for those aged 16 and 17 years old. 

Our Expedition Surveys are a unique opportunity to get involved directly with our marine conservation efforts.  No experience is required to join us on a survey, full training in species identification and survey techniques will be provided by our on board Scientist.  Berths are filling fast, with a number of surveys fully booked already and many with limited availability. Contact us today to get involved.

  • 1st - 7th April, Joint Warrior Expedition Survey, £950 per person (FULLY BOOKED)

  • 21st - 27th April, Tobermory rendezvous, £950 per person (FULLY BOOKED)

  • 6th - 14th May, Tobermory rendezvous, £1,150 per person

  • 18th - 25th May, Tobermory rendezvous, £1,050 per person (FULLY BOOKED)

  • 13th - 21st June, Ullapool rendevous, £1,250 per person

  • 23rd June - 4th July, Ullapool rndezvous, £1,450 per person

  • 14th - 25th July, Tobermory rendeezvous, £1,450 per person (FULLY BOOKED)

  • 27th July - 2nd August, Teen Team 1, Tobermory rendezvous, £995 per person

  • 5th - 11th August, Teen Team 2, Tobermory rendezvous, £995 per person

  • 13th - 24th August, Tobermory rendezvous, £1,450 per person

  • 27th August - 7th September, Kyle of Lochalsh rendezvous, £1,450 per person

  • 15th - 23rd September, Kyle of Lochalsh rendezvous, £1,250 per person

If you missed us on Blue Planet UK, you can click here to access the episode - we’re approximately 20 mins in.

Conservation is driven by people and we need you! 

Join us on board in 2019.