Sea-Changers support HWDT's research programme

We are delighted to announce that HWDT has been awarded a grant from Sea-Changers, which will allow us to continue to collect valuable data on Hebridean cetaceans. Sea-Changers is a UK-based charity, whose aim is to create a world where the seas and shores are clean and healthy, and marine species are protected through community-led marine conservation.

Since 2002, HWDT has been collecting information of international importance on the marine life in the Hebrides, operating 200 dedicated research expeditions, surveying over 100,000 km, with the help of more than 900 volunteer citizen scientists. Read more about what we have learnt from 15 years of research in the first part of our recently published Hebridean Marine Mammal Atlas Series.

The Sea-Changers grant is helping to support this important work by allowing us to purchase some much-needed computer equipment for our dedicated research vessel, Silurian, critical for the continuation of our data collection, and a powerful desktop computer to manage this vast amount of data more effectively and undertake analysis for scientific publications. This will ensure we can continue to increase our knowledge of Hebridean whales, dolphins and porpoises, and the waters in which they live for years to come.

Our pioneering research programme has generated one of the largest databases of its kind for UK waters. The Sea-Changers grant will help to support our long-term monitoring programmes on board our research vessel Silurian with an updated computer system, which will ensure we collect consistent and valuable data for years to come
— Becky Dudley, Marine Biodiversity Officer

For more information on Sea-Changers and the valuable work they do to support marine conservation in the UK, please visit the Sea-Changers website.

Rebecca Dudley