HWDT in Partnership with CuanTec’s Anti-Plastic Campaign

Minke whale caught in plastic strapping

Minke whale caught in plastic strapping

HWDT are delighted to announce that over the next few weeks, we have partnered with CuanTec, a small biotechnology company based in Scotland, in a crowdfunding campaign to fight plastic pollution.

As concerns over plastic pollution in our oceans are at the forefront of conservation initiatives, there is a worldwide call for businesses to move away from plastic use. Innovators at CuanTec are leading the way in this international momentum, making compostable alternatives from natural ingredients and food waste. This is achieved by taking shells from the fishery industry – the bits of scampi that you don’t eat – and turning it into compostable anti-microbial food packaging that makes your food last longer, avoiding plastic and food waste at the same time.

HWDT will receive 10% of money raised above the £200,000 target. If this is reached, this will allow us to continue surveying marine wildlife, invest in a better understanding of their behaviour in a time of increased man made threats, and continue to contribute towards a global movement of marine conservation efforts.

With the generous donations from the public, CuanTec will be able to fund the development of other projects, creating useful everyday products that will have a lasting impact.

You can donate to the crowdfunding campaign HERE.

If you are interested in the long term investment in the research and protection of marine wildlife in the Hebrides, please consider becoming a member of HWDT from £2 a month.