Final Chance to join HWDT on-board Silurian in 2017

Joint Warrior 2016

Are you looking for a marine conservation volunteer experience with a difference? This is your chance to join HWDT's last whale and dolphin research survey of 2017.

This survey is scheduled to coincide with the massive NATO military exercise, Joint Warrior. The survey rendezvous from Ullapool and runs 1st – 12th October. The cost to participate is £1,295 per person.

Joint Warrior Monitoring

Joint Warrior is a twice-yearly, at-sea NATO military operation, carried out over two weeks in the Spring and the Autumn off the west coast of Scotland. Up to 85 aircraft, 22 ships and three submarines can operate during this massive international exercise. Military sonar, used during the exercises, emits intense loud noise that can disturb and harm whales and dolphins which rely on their sensitive hearing to navigate, find food and communicate. 

Lauren Hartny-Mills, HWDTs Science Officer, says “During previous surveys, which have coincided with the Joint Warrior exercises, HWDT has observed minke whales moving at high speed and leaping clear of the water, at the same time as military sonar was detected on the hydrophone (an underwater microphone). This behaviour is unusual here and is rarely seen in undisturbed whales. The long term impact of such disturbances or exposure to sonar are largely unknown.

We believe that it is incredibly important to monitor cetacean presence and behaviour during these exercises. We are the only organisation collecting long term monitoring data in this area and are therefore best placed to monitor the potential effect of naval activities.

Follow this link to learn more about the Cetacean Monitoring Programme and how to apply to join us on board Silurian.