How can your support help?

  • £2 a month (£24 annual)
    Means our team can continue to survey the Hebrides collecting vital data on whales and dolphins.
  • £4 a month (£48 annual)
    Will allow us to visit a remote island community to encourage stewardship of this special marine environment.
  • £10 a month (£120 annual)
    Provides a day on board our floating classroom, Silurian, for local schoolchildren. 

What do new members receive?

  • Online  supporter magazine, Wave
  • Quarterly e-newsletter
  • Hebridean whale and dolphin ID guide
  • Reusable HWDT shopping bag
  • Access to exclusive reduced offers on Silurian expeditions.

Your contribution is vital to helping us realise our goals - we wouldn’t have achieved what we have without our dedicated supporters.

Join today and be part of a community of people dedicated to safeguarding the future of the Hebridean marine environment.


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