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Help safeguard Hebridean whales, dolphins and porpoises by supporting our conservation efforts. Your involvement makes it happen! 

Become a member of the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, adopt an animal or donate so that together we can make a difference.

Our research and engagement programmes are sustained by our supporters.   We rely on your generosity to continue our work to ensure cetaceans are protected and valued throughout the Hebrides.  



Our members are at the centre of the HWDT supporter network. Regular monthly or annual giving helps to maintain our vital long standing projects.

From £2 per month

sponsor an animal

For animal lovers what better way to support our work than by sponsoring an animal? Choose either a minke whale or killer whale from Scotland’s seas.

From £4 per month


Ideal for those looking to donate larger sums, give once, or support HWDT for the first time. Your support is vital and we look after every penny.

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What have we achieved with your support?

Surveyed 100,000+ km of seas on Silurian

Visited schools on most of the inhabited islands in the Hebrides

Influenced positive policy change to protect endangered cetaceans and basking sharks

PROVIDED EVIDENCE FOR Marine Protected Areas across north-west Scotland



How can your support help?

  • £2 a month (£24 annual)
    Means our team can continue to survey the Hebrides collecting vital data on whales and dolphins.
  • £4 a month (£48 annual)
    Will allow us to visit a remote island community to encourage stewardship of this special marine environment.
  • £10 a month (£120 annual)
    Provides a day on board our floating classroom, Silurian, for local schoolchildren. 

What do new members receive?

  • Online  supporter magazine, Wave
  • Quarterly e-newsletter
  • Hebridean whale and dolphin ID guide
  • Reusable HWDT shopping bag
  • Access to exclusive reduced offers on Silurian expeditions.

Your contribution is vital to helping us realise our goals - we wouldn’t have achieved what we have without our dedicated supporters.

Join today and be part of a community of people dedicated to safeguarding the future of the Hebridean marine environment.


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Sponsor An Animal



We need your support to continue our vital work to conserve whales and dolphins.

HWDT have been tracking migratory minke whales and resident killer whales in the Hebrides since the Trust was first founded in 1994. Many animals have been individually identified and are now catalogued and monitored by our team.

  • £4 a month (£48 annual)


  • Personalised sponsorship certificate and species factsheets

  • Mounted photograph of your chosen animal

  • Hebridean whale and dolphin ID guide

  • Reusable HWDT shopping bag

  • Annual sponsorship update

  • Online supporter magazine, Wave

  • Quarterly e-newsletter

  • Access to reduced berth offers on Silurian expeditions.



The West Coast Community of killer whales is unique amongst the different populations found in the north eastern Atlantic.  Numbering only eight individuals - four males and four females - they have never produced any calves and don't interact with other killer whale groups.  In fact, they are about a metre bigger than other orca found in the area and are thought to prey exclusively on other cetaceans (notably porpoise and minke whale!).  More famous members include John Coe and Comet.  Unfortunately, Lulu - the ninth member - perished in January 2016.


Minke Whales


Nick was first photographed in 1992 and is one of the most frequently re-sighted whales in our catalogue. Nick has a small triangular notch at the base of the dorsal fin and a long scar along the body.

Kasey was first photographed in 2000 and has been seen every year since then. Kasey has a very distinctive dorsal fin with three triangle-shaped nicks along the edge.

Knobble was first photographed in 2002 and has been seen in the Hebrides every year since then. Knobble has a very distinctive dorsal fin which looks like it has been 'nibbled' at the edges. 


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