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WiSe Accredited Training Course - Fort William


The WiSe (Wildlife Safe) Scheme is the UK standard for commercial marine wildlife watching. It aims to promote responsible wildlife watching through training, accreditation and awareness-raising.

This standard WiSe course is open to anyone operating around marine wildlife on a frequent basis. It is suitable for all businesses running marine wildlife watching trips, and is aimed primarily at people out on the water, however elements of the course also cover land excursions. Previous attendees of the course include operators of passenger pleasure craft, wildlife cruise operators, dive and service boat staff, yacht skippers and sea kayaking businesses.

Dr. Lauren Hartny-Mills and Pippa Garrard from the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust will be delivering the course. HWDT is well placed to deliver the WiSe course on the west coast of Scotland as the organisation has been leading the way for the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises in these waters for over two decades. Both Lauren and Pippa will bring their experience in the field, knowledge of the species and insight into local conservation issues to the course, making the day relevant and interesting to all attendees. 

The course will cover:
Instruction in how best to responsibly watch wildlife whilst minimising potential disturbance
Handling craft around wild animals
Codes of Conduct
Local and national laws in relation to wildlife
Information on commonly encountered species

As part of this course you will receive:
Full WiSe Membership
WiSe Scheme accreditation
Eligibility to attend the WiSe Master Course
6 hours of classroom-based interactive training
Course materials (paper and CD)
A WiSe boat sticker and flag, for use when the accredited skipper is directing the boat
Use of the WiSe logo on promotional brochure / website
A listing on the WiSe accredited operators website.

Date: Friday 16th March 2018
Time: 9.00 - 15.00
Location: Fort William
Venue: UHI Campus
Price: £100 plus VAT per person
Lunch: Not included
Booking: Required

To enquire or book please contact Pippa on 01688 302620,               
For more information on the WiSe Scheme please visit